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Matt Haig

Who is Matt Haig?

Matt Haig is a multi-award winning, best selling author of children's adult, and self-help books including the Smash hit 'The Comfort Book'. He was born in Sheffield in England and now lives in Brighton on the South Coast. He describes himself on Twitter as 'Embarrassing dad. Married to Andrea. Neurodivergent neurotic novelist. Failed dog trainer. Recovering addict. Work in progress.

Matt Haig has written over 20 books ranging from business books, self help books, children's novels and adult fiction. His most popular books include: The Comfort Book (2021) The Midnight Library (2020) A Boy Called Christmas (2015) Reasons to Stay Alive (2015)

Matt Haig's Books

Matt Haig's The Comfort Book, has been described as 'A manual of reflections for an increasingly stressful world' and as. ''A collection of little islands of hope, a gathering of consolations and stories that give us new ways of seeing ourselves and the world'.

The Comfort Book

This is the book to pick up when you need the wisdom of a friend or the comfort of a hug, or just want to celebrate the messy miracle of being alive..

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