Heather Morris

Heather Morris is a New Zealand author and The Tattooist of Auschwitz is her debut novel. It was originally written as a screen play for a movie  (Heather Morris was studying writing screen plays at the time).

The book tells the true story of how Slovakian Jew Lale Sokolov, who was imprisoned at Auschwitz in 1942 and fell in love with a girl he was tattooing at the concentration camp. The story is based on the real lives of Sokolov and his wife, Gita Furman. Heather Morris personally knew Lale and was drawn to his story.

Though the book tells Lale's story, it has been criticised for factual in-accuracies and misleading information. Despite this it has been a critical success and generally well received. It has sold over 3 million copies and is now available as a Young Adult version.

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