George Pérez 

George Pérez 

George Pérez


George Pérez, who has died aged 67 after suffering from pancreatic cancer, was a master of all aspects of comic book creation, and won fans for his artistic talents – both pencilling and inking – and as a writer of leading characters in the universes of Marvel and DC Comics.

Wonder Woman

One of the artists’ finest achievements was his work on Wonder Woman, which he pencilled for two years, but co-plotted (at first) and later wrote for five.


Pérez launched his own six-issue series, Sirens, in 2014, featuring a group of time-travelling women. Pérez based each of his sirens on women he knew. This proved to be his final work.  Various health issues led him to announce his retirement in 2019. Pérez is survived by his second wife, Carol Flynn, whom he married in 1981.

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