Having a bookworm in your life comes with a lot of benefits

Having a bookworm in your life comes with a lot of benefits

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The benefits of knowing a bookworm

1. We always have books to borrow

Our homes, cars, bags and desk drawers are overflowing with texts so our friends and families are never short of a book to borrow. We have old ones, new ones and ones you’ve never heard of – take your pick. Just return them, that’s all we ask.

2. We can give killer recommendations

Like a good waiter, we can recommend a book to go with any occasion. If you’re in the mood for a mystery, craving for a classic or hankering for humour, we can give you a list of go-to books to suit any mood. And, if we know you well, we’ll match countless tomes to your personality and always have suggestions to please.

3. We’re good at a pub quiz

Move aside when the literature round comes on. We might not know a thing about sport or be great at geography, but we’ll ace the book round and stack up some valuable points that could take your team over the finishing line. You’re welcome.

4. We’re easy to buy gifts for

Birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations are simple when you’re buying for us: book vouchers. That’s it. Nothing else is needed. We’re thrilled with a voucher. It gives us an excuse to buy the book we’ve been lusting after for ages, and we don’t have to roll out our Oscars loser face when you buy a book we’ve already read. Twice.

5. We’re a friendly bunch

Although reading is a solitary pastime, bookworms love to talk about what they’re reading. We seek out other readers and congregate in packs at book clubs, festivals and launches where reading lists are the topic of discussion.

6. We can tell you how that film ends

We’ve usually read the book long before the film or TV adaptation comes out. We can tell you the ending, as well as all of the other nuanced scenes the screenplay has (usually) removed. We’ll do our best not to give away the ending too soon – but we can’t promise. It really depends on how outraged or agreeable we are to the treatment of the rest of the text. (The Help, I mean you. Read the book.)

7. We’re passionate

We love what we do and get very attached to what we read. But, we can get carried away. Gentle discussions about the latest blockbuster can provoke heated debates on the state of contemporary fiction, complete with hand gestures and wild arm movement. We’re sorry. We just got a little too worked up.

8. We take care of ourselves

We don’t take a lot of maintenance. Stick us in a corner with a book and we’ll be there for hours. We’re great house guests and perfect holiday companions if you enjoy a few peaceful hours on the beach.

9. We’re quiet

On the same note, we’re pretty quiet. You’ll not hear a peep out of us while we’re reading and we instill an air of bookish tranquility in any setting. Shhh!

10. We’re full of ideas

As we read anything and everything, our brains are packed with ideas on a whole of host of random subjects. We can inspire conversations on any topic and usually have a raft of articles, books and essays to bring to the discussion. Just expect most of our sentences to start “I read somewhere that…”.

So, what’s not to love? We’re a delightful breed that will bring nothing but joy into your world. If you don’t have a bookworm if your life already, find one at your earliest convenience.

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