Best ways to make time to read

Best ways to make time to read

10 quick ways to make more time to read

We all want to read more. It’s what we love and we try to do it as much as possible. But, life and work get in the way.

Here are ten tips for squeezing more fiction into your world:

Use your commute

Commuting is effectively dead time so use it to your advantage. If you’re on the train, bus or ferry, stick a book in your bag and rattle through several chapters to and from work. If you’re driving, why not try audio books to get your fix? They’re great for longer journeys, too.

Wake up early

I’m always first up in my house and love the 30 minutes or so I get on my own before the world joins me. If you have the luxury, get a few chapters read before the day starts and head off to work wearing the smug grin of reading accomplishment.

Have a late night

Similarly, you could grab a few minutes after everyone has hit the hay. A quiet house is the perfect place to read so get a coffee and curl up for a twilight reading session. (Not of the vampire kind. I hate those books. As in after dark.)

Diary it

The only way I get things done is by scheduling time to do them. The same goes for reading. Stick it in your diary, making space for a half hour or so during the day, and you’re more likely to get some reading done.

Set a target

Give yourself a reading goal. Set a target for how many pages you want to read or a date for which you want to finish the book and you’ll get there one page at a time.

Prioritise your reading (even over housework)

In order to schedule reading in your diary, you have to give it some priority. The washing isn’t going anywhere, the ironing pile can wait, Aldi’s shelves will still have stock in a couple of hours – give yourself a break and move reading up your to-do list.

Read with friends

Find a friend to partner you on the read and you’ll encourage each other to get to the end. You’ll also have someone to compare notes with once you’ve finished.

Use your lunch breaks

Getting away from your desk is important at the best of times but even more vital if you’ve got a book to finish. Set aside some time in your lunch break or set up a lunchtime book club with your colleagues to really make use of your midday break.

Follow a literature prize

Reading books shortlisted for literature prizes gives you both a reading list and a deadline by which to finish them. You can get involved in related chat on social media and engage in loads and loads of content about the prize before the winner is announced.

Join a book club

The best way to read more is to join a book club. It gives you the impetus to read at least one book a month and provides inspiration for lots of other reading. You’ll also indulge in loads of book chat, which feeds your inner bookworm and fuels your reading mojo. Perfect.

What are you still doing here? You should be reading.