Vicious by L.J Shen

Vicious by L.J Shen

Book review of Vicious by L.J Shen


They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true. 

The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares. 

He is a brilliant lawyer. 

A skilled criminal. 

A beautiful liar. 

A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover. 

Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him. 


She is a starving artist. 

Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom. 

Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down. 

She paid the price. 

Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate. 

That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t. 

So she hates me. Big fucking deal. 

She better get used to me.

Vicious by L.J. Shen is a sexy, intense romance to start what is sure to be a favourite series of mine. If you are a lover of asshole anti heros, I strongly suggest you dive into Vicious because my sweet tortured soul, Vicious, and “The Hotholes” will have you in anti hero heaven from the very first page. It all started their senior year of high school. Everything changed for Vicious and Emilia. Emilia and her parents were working for Vicious’s father and step mother.

And Vicious? Well he was your typical rich teenage bad boy, or so he seemed to be. She was the hired help. He was a snobby asshole. They hated each other. But that didn’t stop the stolen glances, the electric touches and the confusing feelings they both hid beneath hardened exteriors and fake bravados. Now I’ll admit, at first I had no love for Vicious.

I adored Emilia with her southern accent, weird fashion sense and how she handled every horrible move Vicious pulled to hurt or embarrass her. For me, Vicious’s actions during their senior year just weren’t justifiable. Yes we were told why he hated Emilia on face value, but i felt his cold attitude and hate toward her was extreme given that he barely knew Emilia.

However, when secrets and mysteries unfold toward the end of the book we learn more about their senior year and I got the justification I was searching for and needed, so that I could understand Vicious during that time of his life. Did it come all too late? At first I thought so. I was so caught up with emotions of what a cruel bastard he was and how Emilia didn’t deserve it, no excuses. She had not once been deserving of his wrath. But I thought on it long and hard and reminded myself, a good love story will defy logic, realism, every thought and emotion society have taught us we must have in certain situations. And then there are the feelings we actually possess.

The feelings that are unexplainable, untamed and most importantly, our own. Vicious wasn’t kind, nor did he deserve Emilia’s affection. His actions and words were harsh, yet Emilia still saw something beyond Vicious’s, quite literally, vicious eyes and damnable lips. And so did I. I despised how he had treated Emilia but I couldn’t hate him, and it wasn’t because of a tortured past I felt sorry for. It was him. Everything about him and how LJ Shen brought this man to life.

So when Vicious and Emilia accidentally bumped into each other ten years later, I wasn’t surprised to learn not a lot had changed. Only now Vicious had plans for Emilia that didn’t involve driving her out of town with blackmail and deceit. All she had to do was lie for him. He would pay her hundreds of thousands to do so.

Then they’d both walk away. It was a solid plan, until it wasn’t. Overall, Vicious was a fast paced, super sexy read I’d highly recommend if you enjoy characters you love to hate and hate to love. With its unique story line, secrets and lies, it’s sure to grab your attention. And your heart.

Title: Vicious

Series: Sinners of Saint #1

Author: L.J. Shen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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