The Silent Fountain by Victoria Fox

The Silent Fountain by Victoria Fox

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Book Review of The Silent Fountain by Victoria Fox

Hollywood, 1978:

Tragedy sends troubled film star Vivien Lockhart into the arms of Giovanni Moretti – and it seems her fortunes have finally changed. Until she meets his sister and learns that her new husband’s past holds dark secrets…

Tuscany, Present day:

Lucy Whittaker needs to disappear. But her new home, the crumbling Castillo Barbarossa, is far from the secluded paradise it seemed. Strange sounds come from the attic. The owner of the house will never meet her in person.

The fountain in the courtyard is silent–but has never run dry.

Across the decades, Vivien and Lucy find themselves trapped in the idyllic Italian villa.

And if they are ever to truly escape its walls, they must first unearth its secrets…

The Silent Fountain is a gothic and historical romance with a little bit of suspense mixed too. This house has some sinister things going on it. What more could I ask for?

Fox takes us back and forth between Vivien Lockhardt in the 70’s and Lucy Whittaker in the present, and it done so with such grace that it flows right into each other. Never confusing, just completely enthralling and with a pace that kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen. 

Vivien is one those characters who you love, but then you want to hate all at the same time. In the end, I found Vivien to be a wonderful woman, and felt her story deep with in. She had so many insecurities. But if you had a sister-in-law like Isabella you’d have insecurities too. Now in the marriage between Vivien and Gio, there was a love triangle, and not the normal kind. 

The other woman, was none other than his sister. Yep, his sister. He loved her, not in any way that he shouldn’t but he put her first before Vivien most of the time. And Isabella knew this and used it to her advantage, jeez, this woman was a piece of work. Gio on the other hand was quite a gentleman, he loved his wife, and his sister, and being in the middle was hard for him. I kinda felt bad for him, in a way.

In the present day, Lucy Whittaker wants to escape her life. She has made mistakes, and they were some pretty big mistakes and from that a terrible tragedy has occurred. Now Lucy has to live with the consequences. She find herself at Castillo Barbarossa, with a new job. She has no idea who the reclusive Vivien Lockhardt is, but a job is a job. 

It doesn’t take her long to learn that is something else going at this house. And I really liked that she just followed her intuition and follow the clues before her and looked for answers. She got herself into the sticky situations, but that didn’t stop her.

She was so much like Vivien, with her feelings of insecurity and guilt of mistakes. It wasn’t hard to feel for her, and want her to not be so hard on herself. She was a strong woman, she just had to find it within somehow.

The setting within Italy was beautifully described, and yet the Castillo Barbarossa had horrible events that took place in this secluded home, even the walls have secrets. As the story flows along, those secrets are revealed and all the pieces fall into place. When the truth is revealed, it both a relief and heartbreaking.

There is so much to this story, it is an ending and a beginning for both Vivien and Lucy. Victoria Fox has given us a wonderfully written story that both captivates and stays with you. And, I can’t recommend this enough. I certainly wasn’t prepared for that ending, so has some tissues.

Published by Harlequin Books on March 9th 2017

Genres: Historical, Gothic, Suspense, Adult, Fiction, Romance

Pages: 400

Format: Paperback/AudioBook/Audio CD

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