Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson

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Book Review of Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Kansas, 2065. Adri has secured a slot as a Colonist—one of the lucky few handpicked to live on Mars. But weeks before launch, she discovers the journal of a girl who lived in her house over a hundred years ago, and is immediately drawn into the mystery surrounding her fate. While Adri knows she must focus on the mission ahead, she becomes captivated by a life that’s been lost in time…and how it might be inextricably tied to her own.

Oklahoma, 1934. Amidst the fear and uncertainty of the Dust Bowl, Catherine fantasizes about her family’s farmhand, and longs for the immortality promised by a professor at a traveling show called the Electric. But as her family’s situation becomes more dire—and the suffocating dust threatens her sister’s life—Catherine must find the courage to sacrifice everything she loves in order to save the one person she loves most.

England, 1919. In the recovery following the First World War, Lenore struggles with her grief for her brother, a fallen British soldier, and plans to sail to America in pursuit of a childhood friend. But even if she makes it that far, will her friend be the person she remembers, and the one who can bring her back to herself?

While their stories spans thousands of miles and multiple generations, Lenore, Catherine, and Adri’s fates are entwined.

I always been one those that reads the summary before I read a book, but I decided not to this time. So, I went in blind and I really happy that I did. The beginning I did think I was going to be in store for a story that was going to take place on another planet, but it didn’t turn out to be that way, it stay here on Earth. This story does however take us through three different time periods with four very different women, both young and older.

Adri, is our main protagonist and she is extremely smart and has been chosen to go and live on Mars. She keep to herself a lot and she’s extremely blunt. She goes to stay with her cousin Lily until her departure, who was just a sweet older woman, but one who had spunk and could be just as blunt as Adri. Man, I loved her.

Their time together takes them through the letters and the journal of these two young women, and two sisters and young love story. But mainly how all these stories all tie together and ties to them. The way this is written, it just pulls you in.

You can’t help but to start to care for the characters, especially the sisters and you just want to keep reading to find out what happens to them. And Lily, and then there is this turtle that has been there forever. Jeez.

I don’t want to give anymore away bout the turtle. It’s so hard though. Anyway, the characters are well developed, the scenery was described so well that I could picture it vividly. And even though I was a little worried about having to flip back and forth between different time period, but it seemed to pretty easy and it didn’t bother me at all.

I devoured this in about 6 hours, so I do wish it was a little bit longer, and that ending was definitely a bittersweet one but a fitting one. This is certainly a book that I recommend picking up.

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