His Redneck Girl by Lindsey Brookes

His Redneck Girl – Lindsey Brookes

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Book Review of His Redneck Girl by Lindsey Brookes

A Fast, fun, unforgettable ride!

Plot Summary of His Redneck Girl

Jimmie Joe Johnson has spent years living up to his hound dog reputation. If he can’t have the one female he truly wants, then any female will do. When he isn’t off diddlin’ some female, he’s practicing for pool playoffs, determined to get his pool team to Vegas. Not only for bragging rights, but for the free trip to ‘Sin City’ and cash prize that comes along with it.

Baylee Jean Brown has never gotten over her first and only love, Jimmie Joe Johnson. So when she discovers the truth about why he really ended things with her all those years before, she sets out to get her man back. And no other female is going to stand in her way. She just has to find a way to make him take notice of her, considering he’d been avoiding her since that day her spell-threatening aunt (yes, she does come from a long line of witches), threatened to place his man-parts in a jar on her windowsill.

Avoiding Baylee Jean Brown in a town the size of Possum Hollow is hard enough, but all of the sudden she’s dressing sexy and aiming all that female heat in his direction. He tries to convince her that she’s better off without him, but how can he expect her to listen to reason when his own heart and body refuse to? Now his man-parts are in a whole different kind of danger. Not because her aunt might still carry through with her threat to pickle them, but because he knows no other woman will ever do.

Our Review of His Redneck Girl

His Redneck Girl is a fun romance that will take readers on a fast, unforgettable ride with regional talk that is true to the “redneck” way of speaking and the “redneck” way to one’s heart.

Welcome to Possum Hollow! In His Redneck Girl by Lindsey Brooks we are introduced to Jimmie Joe Johnson and Baylee Jean Brown. Jimmie Joe Johnson is known throughout the town as a hound dog and he does his best to live up to the reputation. He’s been told that it runs in his genetics because his daddy was one and ran around on his momma causing her to run off.

So Jimmie Joe decided, after being threatened by Callie Rae, to make good on the reputation and live up to it. There aren’t many females in Possum Hollow that he hasn’t had a good time or two with. Baylee Jean is determined to change all that. Since they were teenagers, Baylee Jean has had a thing for Jimmie Joe.

But when he backs off from pursuing her and turns hound dog, she has no idea that her aunt is neck deep in the reason why. Only when she’s older does the truth come out and then Baylee Jean is bound and determined to tame the hound dog in Jimmie Joe.

His Redneck Girl is a redneck romantic comedy and this book lives up to its promise of fun, mischief and more. The story alternates back and forth between Jimmie Joe and Baylee Jean. Each character starts their chapter off with a little quote that lets you know exactly what is going on in their minds in that exact moment. It’s such fun to get into Jimmie Joe’s and Baylee Jean’s heads.

Readers will quickly learn that Jimmie Joe still has a thing for Baylee Jean, even after all these years, but his fear of her aunt has kept him in check. Plus, the mysterious disappearance of his cousin Lyle hasn’t helped. It is such a hoot to read about Baylee Jean going around town doing her best to keep Jimmie Joe from getting it on with various females just because he’s looking for a good time.

Everything about this story is engaging. The characters are unique, entertaining and totally believable and their relationships with each other are memorable.  They understand the true meaning of friendship, family and love no matter what is happening.  The variety of characters throughout keeps the story engaging and fun. The fast moving story includes wonderfully delightful scenarios as well and one big surprise that readers won’t see coming.

About the Author

Award-winning romance author Lindsey Brookes is a four-time RWA Golden Heart finalist, as well as a past American Title III finalist, and winner of Harlequin’s Great American Romance Novel contest.  She has written for, Kensington Publishing, Amazon Publishing, and has indie-pubbed several of her young adult and adult contemporary romances.   She is represented by Michelle Grajkowski with 3 Seas Literary Agency.

Book Details:

Title: His Redneck Girl

Author: By Lindsey Brookes

Publisher: Possum Hollow Series, Book One

Published: October 2017

ISBN: 978-1976539541


Pages: 362

Genre: Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance

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