Get Real - Tellulah Darling

Get Real – Tellulah Darling

Book Review of Get Real by Tellulah Darling

Magic and Mayhem in Manhattan

Francesca Bellafiore comes from a nice Jewish family — one that happens to have magical powers. Underneath her good-girl exterior, though, she’s a wannabe badass with dreams of becoming a paranormal detective.

Party boy Rafael Muñoz does everything possible to publicly disappoint his high profile father. Privately, it’s a different story. His carefully crafted bad boy reputation masks the fact he’s a master illusionist, forced into solo covert ops. The role is wearing thin and Rafael longs to be part of a team.

When Francesca and Rafael meet, it’s love at first sight… For about five minutes. Rafael is spectacularly attractive—and, Francesca discovers, fully aware of the fact. Rafael knows from experience that girls like Francesca are more trouble than they’re worth.

So it sucks big time when they’re caught in a web of magic, minions, secrets, and enough sexual tension to power NYC. Their only chance to save the city and survive is to team up, trust each other–and maybe even fall in love.

Provided they don’t kill each other first.

Get Real is a romantic comedy, urban fantasy whirlwind with sass, sex, and swoon.

This was my first book by Tellulah Darling and WOW, I was completely blown away.

From the very first page you are thrown into this urban world where magic exists on the fringes. I absolutely fell in love with Darling’s rich and imaginative writing style. She crafted  a creative and fascinating world. Her characters were culturally and sexually diverse and every now and then a foreign phrase was thrown in making it all feel very authentic.

I loved how real these characters felt even with their powers. I enjoyed the fact that these were teenagers who used slang to refer to powers, humans and themselves. Everything was so well thought out, even down to their use of technology.

There were no long and boring descriptions of scenery or décor which allows you to fill in the blanks yourself – that went  long in creating a world that feels real to the reader.

Her humour and use of language are great. I was treated to snarky and funny inner-monologues from both Frankie’s and Rafa’s POV and she created secondary characters that are sarcastic, witty and funny who I wanted to be friends with.

Frankie was not your typical good-girl. She was funny,spunky, intelligent and fearless in the face of danger. She’s always been in a comfort zone, afraid to upset her close-knit family.

She always did the safe thing and dated the safe boys. She’s attracted to the sexy bad-boy Rafa, but knows that he is so far out of her comfort zone that she couldn’t dream of getting together with him. There’s no rationalising with hormones though.

Rafa knows he can never be with Frankie, their worlds are too different and their pre-chosen paths would never allow for them to be together. And yet…

Rafa was insanely swoon-worthy.

He was sexy and cocky and fought his attraction to Frankie with everything he had, yet the beautiful things that had my toes curling.

Together, their chemistry was on fire and the sexy times were incredibly steamy.

As a whole this book was perfectly paced with the golden balance between humour, angst, action and passion.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you like Urban Fantasy,New Adult, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance or suspense and action, this one has it all.

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