Book Review of Depth of Lies by E.C. Diskin

Depth of Lies by E.C. Diskin

Book Review of Depth of Lies by E.C. Diskin

“A brilliant examination of the shadows lurking in every relationship and what happens when you step into the darkness.” —Mindy Mejia, author of Everything You Want Me to Be

When Shea Walker, a sunny, easygoing mom, is found dead in a bathtub with a stomach full of booze and pills, the shocking discovery shatters the complacency of her comfortable suburban community.

Kat Burrows, Shea’s longtime friend and former neighbor, is hit hardest. How could a woman she thought she knew so well come to such a sordid end? What could lead happy, well-adjusted, responsible Shea to accidentally overdose on alcohol and narcotics? Or, worse, drive her to suicide?

Compelled to uncover the truth of Shea’s final months, Kat delves beneath the orderly surface of her familiar world to discover a web of thwarted desire, shameful secrets, and shocking betrayal that suggests a scarier explanation for what happened to Shea. As her carefully constructed reality begins to crumble, Kat must question every reassuring assumption her life is built upon to solve the mystery…and summon the courage and resourcefulness to survive it. 

Depth of Lies was a fantastic read. These women were all so very different. They were moms, wives, but they all were all the best of friends. And even though they had all moved away from each other one by one, they stayed in touch.

And when Shea drowned, they came together once again, but her death didn’t make sense to them. Shea’s life on the outside seemed perfect, but it wasn’t. From what it seemed none of their lives were. They all had their own secrets. And this story takes us through their secrets and they affect each of them, and learning what their friendships endured.

There are quite a few women in this, so I’m going to mention just a couple, Kat and Shea. Kat, is our the main person that tells the story itself. She was a strong woman, she loved Shea too. But she had her own issues within her life and marriage, but she put everything aside to find out what happened to her friend.

Some of the other woman in their little group got angry with her for trying to stir up things, but she had to know what really happened to Shea. This is the kind of friend I would want to have in my corner, if there was any question in my death that’s for sure. I really liked Kat and determination and her loyalty. Shea was a great woman too.

But she carried her own secrets. She tried to make everyone around her happy, at the expense of her own happiness. I felt for her. There are so many characters that played parts in this and I wish I could tell about all of them, but we would be here forever. It is really a great cast of characters too.

Anyway, onto the mystery. This will keep you guessing from chapter to chapter and I thought was pretty awesome. The chapters, went back and forth from the Shea’s past memories to Kat’s present

day events, which was nice to get some of what led up to Shea’s death. And once I got it all figured out, then another clue would be thrown in there from someone’s memory and then I had to go back and second guess who I though might have killed Shea.

Or maybe it really was an accident. I just couldn’t make up my mind and that to me, makes for a great mystery. It wasn’t till the end that it all came together and it was all revealed and I was kinda shocked. I had it all wrong! I love when that happens… Fans of a good thriller and mysteries will enjoy this one for sure.

Published by Thomas & Mercer on September 26th 2017

Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Pages: 288

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