Awakening of the Summer by Yorker Keith

Awakening of the Summer by Yorker Keith

Plot Summary of Awakening of the Summer

James, an economist at a Wall Street firm, takes a summer vacation at a hotel in Oberon Woods, New Hampshire, where he meets two beautiful sisters: Sophie, an editor of a law review magazine, and her younger sister, Kelly, a secretary at a museum. James is attracted by Sophie’s intellectual beauty while he is infatuated with Kelly’s ardent charm. But he finds out both women have their own boyfriends.

James’s pastime is oil painting. He begins painting a pastoral landscape of a lake near the hotel with the majestic Mount Washington in the background, adumbrating the green world. He decides to paint two additional pictures, one of Sophie and one of Kelly using the same scenery. He titles the three paintings the Summer Lake Series.

David, an ambitious lawyer, visits Sophie. Their encounter ends in her mysterious near-drowning. James rescues her. Seeing his bravery, Kelly falls in love with him and becomes his lover. Sophie also falls for him—Kelly finds this out.

Steve, a son of a wealthy family, visits Kelly and proposes to her. She decides to return to Steve to give James to Sophie. Hearing about the relationship between Kelly and James, Steve rejects Kelly. She has a car accident but survives. Sophie, Kelly, and James reach an understanding that James is Kelly’s lover.

One evening at the hotel, there is a show opening of James’s Summer Lake Series, attended by many hotel guests. James, Sophie, and Kelly become celebrities. They are all intoxicated with the fame. That night, while Kelly sleeps, James and Sophie end up making love.

The following day, David and Steve visit the sisters again. Thus, the triple love-triangles continue, at the center of which James strives to make the situation best for both Sophie and Kelly, as dark secrets of each sister are revealed.

Review of Awakening of the Summer

“Intriguing love triangle!”

When a Wall Street worker and two young sisters meet while on vacation, a summer awakening of romance and realization will bring new light into their lives.

James Hensley is on vacation in New Hampshire at an upscale hotel that overlooks Mount Washington. James meets the two sisters, Kelly and Sophie, who are also vacationing there. The sisters are looking to enjoy themselves and ease some of the hurts of their individual relationships. While observing the sisters James finds himself intrigued and interested in the young ladies. 

It’s not long before they are spending time together and James if finding him drawn more and more to them. Both of the sisters find themselves infatuated with James. Both of the sisters claim to be in relationships of their own, but both relationships have hit problems that the sisters are unsure of how to proceed with. Sophie is involved with a man who is driven by the need to climb the social ladder and will do what it takes. While Kelly is involved with a man who isn’t as mature as she would want, and he has his moments. 

The sisters both experience problems, which go to lead James to see that they have their secrets that they are keeping from him. A love triangle ensues between them, but when it comes time for one to be chosen, things get complicated. A summer vacation that was meant to refresh and heal will become something more as these three struggles to find their proper place in each other’s lives.

Awakening of Summer is an eventful tale that keeps the heart racing, especially when some unexpected things happen.  Yorker Keith has done an amazing job with the characters and storyline. James attempts to show some restraint with the sisters and it’s respectful of the author by not having the two sisters get into petty catfights over James. There are some sexual situations but overall, the author leaves readers to imagine what is fully going on in these scenes. The descriptive settings are impeccable.  As the scenes and the imagery of the white roses unfolds in the story, true love emerges.

Awakening of Summer is a refreshing and breathtaking story. It’s idyllic and full of the stuff that dreams are made of.

This romantic literary fiction represents a present-day pastoral story of a man and two sisters who go through intricate triple love-triangles during their summer vacation in a mountain resort.

About the Author

Award-winning author Yorker Keith lives in Manhattan, New York City. He holds an MFA in creative writing from The New School.

His literary works have been recognized four times in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition as a finalist or a semifinalist, including this novel, Awakening of the Summer.

His second novel, The Other La Bohème (2017), won the Kirkus Reviews Best 100 Indie Books of 2017.

His debut novel, Remembrance of Blue Roses (2016), won the Pacific Book Awards 2017 in the best fiction category.

First Paragraph of Awakening of the Summer

James Hensley stepped back from his easel with satisfaction. It will be a fine painting, he thought as he smiled at his canvas and the scenery. Before him shone the panorama of Oberon Woods, New Hampshire: the radiant summer sun, the azure sky, the majestic Mount Washington, a tranquil lake, bucolic woods, leaves, grasses, and wildflowers. A small rowboat bobbed against a weathered dock on the lakefront. A wooden bench and table stood beneath a shade tree on the beach.

Book Details

Title: Awakening of the Summer

Author: Yorker Keith

Publisher: BookBaby

Release Date: 4/15/2018

ISBN: 978-1543923421


Pages: 309

Genre: Literary Fiction

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